Why Mac is addictive (I)

Apple is a tech-drug dealer. I`m pretty sure about it now.
For more than 15 years I was a happy PC user. My first 286 was amazing, with all that great games a teenager like myself loved. My 486 DX2 introduced me Simcity, and I discovered there, after playing for months, that I would never be able to run a city! 🙂 I entered the word of modems and BBSs and I loved it! On those years my free-time was about gaming and fidonet.
On the early pentium era I got distance from computers for a while. My computer experience was rebooted on `97/`98 when I become an undergraduate student of Economics. I bought a shiny new K6 or K6 II (I can`t remember) and become an AMD customer. You know,  cheap is almost always the best choice, when you have no dollars and abusive import taxations! 🙂

The PC hardware-lego idea hooked me up! I loved opening my box to add memory, hard disk, cards anything I needed. I could assemble my PC as time and money  allowed me. This bloated my room with hardware junk : old cables, processors, motherboards, cases, power supplies…

I loved the freddon to boot Windows and Linux on the same box. I instaled Rad Hat 5.0 and a new world of excitement and pain was in front of my eyes! I could have usefull software, for free! I could achieve almost everything with open source or free software I could grab arround the internet! But Unix like worls was a maze to me, and I can tell you that I enjoyed a lot domesticating the penguim to suit my needs.

Red Hat, Mandrake, Gentoo, Ubuntu, all those distributions lived on my harddisks. Gnome , Kde, WindowsMaker, always free software arround. I liked XP also, but linux always gave me a thrill of experimentation and inovation. Nothing could change that, I assumed.

But this year I was introduced to OS X.

I was at this big department store in Rio de Janeiro that was selling a bunch of Apple products. It never was normal to see Apple products arround in Brazil, they where sold for a niche of Mac Fans and their community was so small that I never met a single one of them… before that day.

I`ve always liked the look’n’feel of Apple products, but never could afford one. In Brazil we need to pay more than 2 times the US price of Apple products, since they are assembled abroad and pay full taxes.

Let me show you an example:

MA199LLA iMac costs more or less U$1000 on US Market. On Brazil you would pay R$6500.00, more or less U$3000.00 today.

So i got a crush for the new iMac but it was too expensive. I gave up the dream and let it go.

A friend of mine, who is italian and live in Africa came to visit me. He had a job trip to Houston and called me from there, saying he could buy me a MacMini, it was cheap and he would not have problems on customs in Brazil, since it costed less than U$500 and he was a foreigner. One week later my Macmini was powered on my desk!

To be continued…

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