It’s great when you find software that suits your needs. On the past I’ve used Quicken Brazilian localized version that could talk with my bank trough a modem connection, but it was discontinued and got obsolete over the years. After I left it I tried Gnucash and Kmymoney2, on linux, but I never was satisfied. First of all it was a pain to get gnucash compiled when it was released. Kmymoney2 came later and was easier to install and manage but had a few bugs that annoyed me.

I gave up personal finance software and tracked records of my expenses on a good old spreadsheet. I never got it to work as I liked though.

One of the biggest issues I encountered while working with Gnucash and Kmymoney2 where related with importing the records I downloaded from the 2 banks I have accounts with. One gave me OFC, the other OFX. And none of the softwares could work with these out of the box.

When my Mac arrived it came with Quicken 2006 preinstalled. I searched a lot thru it trying to import my bank files and discovered it could not be done without third party software I needed to pay for. While googling for converters I found myself on the Moneydance website, and Quiken bundle finished on the trashcan.
They had a Mac OS X version and I downloaded it. It impressed me lot! It has a great Aqua look and fell, is runs fast enough for my needs and it imports my files on a glimpse. It is even localized to Portuguese!

It has less features than Quicken, that’s for sure, but I don’t need big accouting features. I just need to see how big is my deficit monthly! ๐Ÿ™‚

It runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, and is not expensive at all. After trying it I payed for the software and I am very happy.

I love free software and I can tell that Gnucash (that can run on MacOS X with fink)ย  and Kmymoney2 are great apps, but they did not work for me.

Moneydance has few drawbacks:

The help docs in my language are not usefull at all, and to switch to the complete help, I`ve to restart it configured for english.

Their license restricts it’s use one 1 computer (and that’s ok) but also only to one person. When another user tries to start it on the same machine, even after registered, the registration is not recognized. That is I can use it and my wife can’t, witch seems to me to be an absurd. We will not divorce beacuse of that thanks God! ๐Ÿ™‚

The exchange rate calculus depends on manual imput and that sucks!

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  1. Hello,

    Just googling around and I cam across your blog.
    I saw that You were concerned about sharing Moneydance with your wife. Don’t be, go ahead and use the same license under her user account.

    You paid for it, use it how you need it.

    Ash – Moneydance Support Czar

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