Why Mac is addictive (II)

Mac OS X is easy to work with. Even easier than Windows. It has the most beautiful interface any OS I know. Aqua is great! And Mac OS X works like a charm. It is easy and yet powerful. I can have my mother play with it and yet I’ve bash and a  lot of Linux apps ported if I’m a power user.After six months working on it I’m glad to say that it was pretty easy to learn the basics. It’s true I’m not very used to shortcuts on Mac as I’m on Windows/Linux, but what the heck, I’m using those for a bunch of years!

Another addictive function Mac has are Steve Jobs Keynotes. The man is a wizard. He can truly make you believe on his words.  And he is very competent also. He is the genius who made Apple products so unique and attractive… And they’re all tech related!

The approach to computers Apple has is driven by marketing people who try hard to produce electronics that fits naturally on your life. My Mac Mini occupies so little space on my table that I’ve been asked lots of times why I had 2 monitors for just one PC, sice people could not identify the mac as computer.

MacMini is not very powerful, I should say. Well I don’t regret the purchase, all the other way arround, but It’s specs are very low to me. I needed more hard drive space, memory and maybe a better video card. I upgraded to 1GB myself opening it with instructions I found on the net some months ago, last week I bought a USB external HD case and plugged one 120GB IDE Hard disk to it.  I will not say my Macmini runs faster than my PC (AMD64 – 1,5 GB RAM), but it performs great with it’s limitation.

I trully got the Mac fever.  I’ve become addicted.

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