A new path to follow

It’s almost a month since I last wrote on this blog, and I apologize for that. The last few weeks I’ve been in a hush. I’ve been offered a job in Africa and I’m taking it!

That means a total change on my life. I’ll be moving in 3 weeks and I will be there for Christmas.  I do not know if or when I’ll be able to post from there. I’m prety sure I’ll not see a Mac arround unless I buy a powermac for myself.

My first assignment will last 3 months.  After that I’ll fly back home for 2 weeks, and I hope I´ll get my contract renewed.

Wish me luck on this new adventure!

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Can Windows read my Mac hard disk?

A few posts ago I decided to format a 120Gb IDE drive with HPFS+ and attach it to a USB enclosure so my Macmini could serve me better. A lot of docs, music and work files are now safely stored there.

I’m out of the linux world for the 2 last months. I deleted my linux partitions on my PC,  since I needed the space for some huge work files, and those have to be manipulated from windows programs.

I have a home network to share files between PC and Mac. It works like a charm, but sometimes it is not fast enough for my needs.  I needed to transfer 14 Gb of files from my Mac to my PC and over the network it was taking too much time. It would be so good if Windows could recognize my HPFS+ Partition and read and write it!

Good news is that there’s a nice set of windows program that does just that!  I can cite here Transmac, MacDisk and MacDrive.

MacDrive is my personal choice. It integrates gently with Windows and is smart enough to create a “real” mac hard drive on My Computer. You can forget that you are working with files that came from another OS, partition, etc… For the user it is like another PC hard disk, and it IS fast.

Give a look to all three, but I bet you will choose Macdrive if you need a “permanent” solution. And it is cheaper than the competitors!

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