Mac Heist Bundle! January 2008! Mac software almost for free!

I am very happy to see that Mac vendors are offering nice apps at very affordable prices! I am amazed as the companies that produce and sell Mac software support their users!


MacHeist promotes it’s second bundle. For 49$ you can buy at least 7 apps, and depending on how many people buy the bundle you can get 10 apps worth more than $300!

My favorite apps from this new bundle are AppZapper and 1password. CoverSutra is fun. I use Money Dance for finance but I’ll give Cha-Ching a try. iStopMotion is useless for me today, but since I plan to buy a camera it can be of much help in a near future. I like Awake and maybe I will use it instead of Alarm Clock Pro. I’m very interested on CSSEdit for my blogs theming and Snapz Pro X. Pixelmator is nice too, but right now I’m used to get Gimp to do the art work I need, wich is not much.

If you buy 2 or 3 bundles you get discounted prices! And 25% of the amount you pay is donated to charity (you can choose 1 of 10 institutions to donate to or to divide your donation between the 10).

Buy it now and enjoy all those good software!

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