Nice App – Browseback

There applications you need. There are applications you love. There are applications that if you use it one time, you love it so much you need it! Browseback is one of the last ones.

People nowadays do not browse sites. They zap sites! And sometimes, six months after you visited that nice blog from an american girl who lives in Africa, you can’t remember it’s url address. Maybe you can’t even remember her name, but mostly you remember the page, you remember maybe the page’s colors or layout. The history listing of urls can’t help you at all. But Browseback can!

Browseback creates a database of your visited pages, and show you thumbnails of those pages. You just click on it you can browse it really fast! Just scroll, click and voilĂ ! You can visit the page, make a pdf, send it by e-mail, print it or save it. Take a look at the screenshot from their site:

It can gather information from almost all main browsers in the market (Safari, Firefox, Camino, Opera, and others) and creates a single database! You can set the amount of space it will use in the hard drive, how many days back it should keep the database, search the pages in a spotlight like way…

And the best feature is that it starts getting information from your past visits, so if you install it today, it will build it’s database and you will have weeks before it was installed registered! Amazing!

It’s price is US $29.95. I think it’s a little salty, but it’s so much fun. If you get it a try you never live without it again!

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