iTunes 7 and Coverart

After the battle for partitioning my 120Gb Hd I started playing with my music collection on it. First thing to do was get all music loaded to iTunes library. It was painless, just a few clicks and my 40Gb collection was available to sync and go with my iPod Photo.

About these days Apple released iTunes 7, and advertised a great feature I’d always wished : auto cover art downloading! When I tried to give it a try I got stuck because Apple does not allow people from countrys without Apple Music Store’s account to use the feature. What a frustration! Since developing countries are never on Apple’s plans I think I’l never be able to use iTunes for buying music from them.

I started googling a little and found nice apps and scripts that could get the cover-art from the Internet. Most were commercial, others were free. The set of features differ one from another and the one I choose to use is called clutter.

This small and nice application is NOT a mass cover-art downloader. It will not scan your collection and fill it with covers! Instead it will found the cover art for the album that is playing on iTunes at the moment. So you’re listening to a Bad Religion album? t will fetch the cover or a set of covers for that album. You can apply it to your iTunes library or not. It searches mainly Amazon for the covers, but it can also launch your browser and google for it.


But if  clutter is unable to find that cover art but you found it on a nice website like Findmycover? You just drag it from the browser to clutter, asks it to apply to iTunes library and it’s done.

Another nice feature of clutter is that you can drag a cover album from it to your desktop and you have a nice iTunes play-list on your desktop that has the cover as an icon! Nice isn’t it?

I hope this tip can be helpful to you!

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