Can my Mac mass rename files?

Sure it can do! There are more choices here than in the windows world, since you can use the bash command shell to write mass rename scripts! Oh, you are a Mac user and you do not want to write a single line, just some program that ‘just works’… If you want to pay for it there are some interesting utilities available…

File Renamer is a cheap ($9.95) and nice choice, it seems to be easy to use and has a nice interface. Take a look at the screenshot (from their website).


A Better Finder Rename seems to be the most powerful mac mass rename application I’ve found. It can do a lot more than all other software I’ve tried but costs also more ($19.95). Their website highlights some features:

  • Completely rewritten in Cocoa to offer best-of-breed interface
  • Detachable, fully resizable instant preview window
  • Combine multiple steps into a single multi-step rename
  • Simple drag & drop installation, full control over which components are installed
  • Operate as stand-alone application
  • Drag & drop files into the preview window
  • Improved renaming from file lists (imported from Excel, database, etc.)
  • Unicode support for international users
  • Over 100 tweaks and refinements

It can work with meta tags on digital photos and mp3. It is also script-able and a wonderful tool for the power-user. If you can pay for it, this software is the right choice IMHO.

Here follows the screenshot:


These are neat choices but, like myself, ten bucks will make a difference in the end of the month.

If you wish to find a tool maybe not that powerfull, but that is for free…

Let’s take a look on 2 nice apps I’ve found that are very handy!

The first one is Renamer4Mac.

This app is very fast and reliable, it works with regular expressions and it can perform all the ser of basic operations you would need for mass renaming files. It is easy to use and IMHO the best choice for most mac users. I love the software, it is simple, intuitive and free. If you use it, please consider donating to the developer, who did an amazing work! Take a look:


If instead you are a power user that came from linux world, loves python and are a GPL zealot, Methamorphose is the software for you.

It needs you to install the last python release and is not as fast as remame4mac, but is far more powerful. It is not that easy to install for a Mac driven mind, it’s a python script!! No nice icon out of the box! Using it is not at all straight foward. There are a lot of options and features most of users do not want to know about! 🙂

It has also support for id3 tagging, so it can be a good choice if you need to rename mp3 files based on tags. Great feature!
Please be aware that this software is not a pieace of cake to digest for a newbie or out-of-the-box style guy. It`s the open source world dude, only the fittest survive! 🙂


Ok, mates , these apps are all good options and can make your life easier when mass renaming files. It depend now on your budget and user profile to choose one of them.

Oh my!, Mac is sooo adictive!

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